The American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 requires federal
agencies to respect the customs, ceremonies, and traditions of Native American
religions. This report and its recommendations are the result of a multi-agency
cooperative effort with Native traditional and tribal leaders to assure that
the interference and insensitivity of the past will not be repeated in future
practice. Part I provides an historical treatment of the pertinent events and
actions which have resulted in the protection of the religious freedom of
American Indians, Aleuts, Eskimos, and Native Hawaiians. Part II contains
President Carter’s statement upon approval of Public Law 95-341; a summary of
the establishment and activities of the Task Force to implement the Act and
prepare this report to the Congress; summary statements of Task Force member
agencies; and a brief record of consultation with Native traditional religious
leaders, as required by the Act. Part III contains recommendations on land; on
access to sacred sites and objects; and on ceremonies and traditional rites, as
they relate to federal agency practice. Part IV contains a narrative treatment
of other issues identified as priority concerns during consultations, with
discussions advanced as concepts for subsequent federal and tribal
recommendations to the Congress. (Author/AN)

Full text of the 1978 Native American Freedom of Religion Act

this is a pdf file and contains 330 pages